Friday, 7 November 2014

Moving to VanCoova

Hello. I might not be as active with this because I am currently in the process of finding a job and moving house in Canada. It is so much fun!!! Here is a little illustration I made anyway. I will update this when something interesting happens... (or when I make some artwork, rather)

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Matt Willis - McBusted Illustration

Hello hi 
I made an illustration of Matt from Busted cos I loved him when I was a teenager. I didn't know they had formed a new band (McBusted) to be honest. I wasn't even really a fan of Busted but I liked his crazy antics and he also had a great face. I watched a documentary about the newly formed McBusted and he seemed like a sweetheart. Aww. Bless him! I tweeted this pic to him but he never replied... I couldn't believe it!!! 



Monday, 29 September 2014

Orla Keogh - XFactor Illustration

I was watching the Xfactor the other day and seen a lady I had not seen before. As shallow as it sounds, I always am more drawn to contestants because of their style or look rather than their singing ability. It's always a plus when they can sing. Irish girl Orla Keogh was one of those people. I hadn't seen her original audition so when she came out to the bootcamp finals it was my first time to hear her sing. She was pretty amazeballs and as soon as I finished watching it, I went on to ASOS and searched for some pale blue galaxy-esque style leggings. I didn't find any but bought a marble print Sweatshirt instead. (I don't really know why I told you that piece of irrelevant information)

So I made her a wee digital print to show my appreciation anyway. I think she was robbed but Xfactor can be a major platform to the ones who don't get in anyway....So S'all Good! She contacted me about the illustration and was very humble and thankful. I sent them on to her and posted them on her social media sites which was lovely of her. I hope she remembers my little drawing when she hits the big time :)

Friday, 26 September 2014

FRAN LOVE/HATE..Illustration

I was late to the bandwagon (dunno if that's even
the saying) watching LOVE/HATE. Everyone was ranting and raving about it and that always puts me off watching something. ...But the I watched it. I bloody loved it. I watched the entire 3 seasons in about two weeks and developed a Dublin accent. Oh god! Anyway, My favourite carachter is Fran. He is a ruthless gang member but also good craic. He does awful things but I warmed to him.

Then I drew him. The actual actor (Peter Coonan) commented on it saying it was fantastic and all... Thanks Fran... or Peter!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Amy Valentine - UK Fashion Blogger Illustrated

I am always watching Youtube videos. I especially like fashion bloggers videos as I just like to see what people buy, really. I am very particular with who I choose to watch on youtube as I find a lot of the very irritating and overly happy. Bllaa! One who I do enjoy watching is Amy Valentine . Her style is edgy but also fun. I know I couldn't get away with earing half of the items she features in her hauls ...but that's OK! I wanted to make a portrait with a galaxy image style anyway and thought she would be perfect for it. She  posted the image on her social media platforms too. 
What a gem! :)