Thursday, 7 January 2016

"Don't You Ever Leave" - La Gracia CD Cover Artwork

I was contacted by the lovely Grainne from La Gracia in relation to making the artwork for their charity single 'Don't you ever leave'. She described the concept and I was thrilled to become involved.

Drawing Ships is out of my comfort zone but I loved making the imagery for this project and was very rewarding to have such grateful and talented people to work with.

Buy the Single here

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

PaperGirl Vancouver - Magazine Feature

A few months back Paper Girl Vancouver contacted me to see if  I'd like to be featured in their artist interview series. Paper Girl are a company who basically promote unknown and local artists to the public. They have a team who circle the city on bikes and distribute artwork to whoever wants it really.

I had done a few artist interviews for various local magazines back in Sligo and Dublin but it was the first time since I'd moved to Vancouver that I'd been approached about my artwork, so this made me joyful in my heart!!

"Admittedly, I hardly ever go to art exhibitions.The idea of being very reserved, holding a glass of wine and walking around studying or discussing art doesn’t appeal to me."

Friday, 4 September 2015

Shane Lynch 'The hot one from Boyzone' illustration.

I was watching a documentary the other night about dyslexia and the effects of it. The real reason I watched it was because it was focusing on Shane Lynch from Boyzone. I remember having the biggest 'crush' on him as a kid and think I even wrote into Den TV asking them to organize a date with him. They didn't grant my request!

and here's a video of Boyzone's first appearance on the Late Late Show. Gold! 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Katrin Berndt a.k.a. 'Waanny'

Swedish Blogger, Katrin Berndt is my kinda gyal. Obviously I have never met the girl, She could be a massive bitch for all I know, but I like to believe she would be my pal! Mainly for the reason he doesn't seem to take herself too seriously and she has lots of tattoos that I am very envious of.
I made this illustration using illustrator. Obvs! If ya'll haven't checked out her Blog and Youtube Channel, Make sure to do so. I was at a bit of a slump when I made this. I was getting a bit frustrated at the whole self promotion that is involved with illustration. I worked in sales for years and always managed to get on great. Meeting targets and being all 'in yo face'. But when it comes to blowing my own trumpet, I'm a bit modest.
It always makes it so much worth while when the people share or credit your art on their site. Bloggers these days have a mahoosive following so big up to giving back to their followers.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Ruby Rose - Illustration by Lolene O'Hara

This Ruby Rose chick has broken the god damn internets recently. I get it. She's quite the babe. Although I wasn't particularly drawn to her character in 'Orange is the new black' (Morello and Poussey are my favs), Ya'll can't deny there's something very captivating about her. 

She seems to be on my newsfeed every time I browse through it. I thought I might as well be a sheep and draw her too.  I think she's also engaged to Roald Dahl's granddaughter. That's pretty swell! I could google this fact but I don't put a lot of thought into the writing of these blog posts. Can you tell?!!   

The process of this illustration was a collaboration of illustrator and Photoshop. It took about 3 hours in total. For the background images I basically just brought my camera into a store and took as many pictures I could of patterns I found on objects. It beats buying them and I don't really care if anyone looks at me weird whilst I'm doing it. 
I really want to get more into drawing flowers as I think this might be one of the first flowers I've ever drawn. Like, In my life! 

Anyway. Follow me on my other social medias and stuff. Okay whatever, Bye!