Sunday, 13 April 2014

Christopher Walken Acrylics.

I think I've just established that I like to draw actors withstrange faces. Not saying they're not good looking though. I think the first time I noticed ChristopherWalken was in True Romance ...(maybe it was Sleepy Hallow)! Anyway I think he is positively creepy and so I drew him. I spent a little more time on it cos I wanted to get it right. Isn't her dreamy. Those eyes!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I found an aeroplane!

So some people may already know that my Dad is a keen Plane enthusiast so it's not odd to find old gadgets and pieces (like broken aeroplanes) around. I got my friend Eileen to pose for me (she loves it) and done some creative shots whilst we got a good day outdoors. Here's how they turned out. I like them very much.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sligo Dancers Photoshoot In Peacepark Sligo

I was approached by three local Sligo girls to get their photos taken. This was been put off for ages because of Ireland's weather and other commitments but we got there in the end. Despite getting a horrible cold and achy bones after it. I also thought my hand was going to fall off at one stage. I went to 'Our Show' hosted by St Annes Avalon centre the to her day and I was recording them.The girls in this shoot happened to be performing there too so I look forward to finishing that video too.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Gateway City - Electric Pain (Official Music Video)

In January, I was contacted by a friend who was producing a music video to see if I would do makeup for it. Conor Doherty has made some incredible images so the video was bound to be great. So of course I said I would. All I had to do really was make people look like they were battered up as the video had a story line to it and parts of it was two fighters just basically scrappin' the face off each other. I even had a wee (very quick) cameo in it. The band shots were filmed on the second day. I wish I could have been there as it looks pretty God Dng amazing in my opinion. It was a fun and exciting experience all the same. I can put a wee tick beside Music Video makeup on my to do list for 2014 .Here is the finished product anyway. Hope you enjoy. I did! :)

( Photos copyright of ConDoh Photography ) 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

30 Minute Jack Nicholson Painting

Once again I had some left over paint. The painting I had initially started turned to muck and I wasn't gonna feel like my evening had been gone to waste. I had just saw a trailer for some JackNicholson movie a few minutes before so I just went with that. I went by the first large pic I saw online and done this up real quickly. I think Jack is so dreamy!